The Broken Mirror

I broke a small mirror yesterday morning; and instantly I thought of all the folklore that surrounds mirrors; and most of all about the ancient curse of seven years bad luck.

Centuries ago, mirror glass was costly and precious, and it would indeed take seven years wages or more for the average person to pay for its replacement.

I believe the universe is filled with beautiful, great and wondrous powers, most of which we can never fully understand.  I believe all things made by human hands give glory to the lifeforce and creator of all things, whoever and whatever you believe that creator to be.

So with great love and respect for generations that preceded me, I offer this modest ritual to heal the breaking of a mirror.

Carefully gather all the broken pieces you can find.  (Remember they are sharp!)  Place them back together in the mirror frame as best you can.  Glue them down, or tape them with clear packing tape.  You are making the broken thing whole.

Repeat this affirmation, or one that is best in line with your life and beliefs:

Today I have broken through the barriers of sadness and fear.

Today I have broken through limiting beliefs.

These shimmering shards of glass are the tools I use to cut through the shadows of darkness and reveal the pathway of light and love.

This mirror’s frame is the doorway to beauty and great abundance.

I have broken free.  I am released.  I am filled with light and love.

Write the affirmations down on a piece of paper.  (Or print them with a pretty font).  Write the date on the paper.  Tape the piece of paper over the broken mirror.   You are dressing the wounds of the broken thing.

Wrap the mirror in a towel or a colorful piece of cloth.  Place the wrapped mirror in a plastic bag or box.  Dispose of it respectfully.

However, I think it will be an act of power to store my mirror away somewhere, and keep it for seven years.




Good morning everyone!  Peace and blessings to all.

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